Valentine's Career Fair Aims to Bring Jobs People will Love

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DOTHAN, AL--It's a room filled with possibilities, companies with open positions all ready to meet potential employees.

"I've gotten to meet some of the people in the actual hiring process at the different companies so it's nice to get your name in and get a word out," said Carmen Daniels.

Carmen Daniels is a senior Chemistry major at Troy Dothan and hopes to graduate this semester.
She says the next step after getting her degree is clear.

"I plan on hopefully getting a job, i want to go to work as quick as possible," explained Daniels.

And when it comes to getting a job, all age groups are searching.
58-year-old veteran Andy Wood is also currently employed but looking for a full time job.

"It's been 7 months."

Wood says the search has been a bit tough. "I have my resume out at about 75 places."

He says his age may play a role.

"I don't know if that has to do with how they want to train them. old dog new tricks or compensation money," said Andy Wood.

But that hasn't knocked his spirits.

"I'm excited about my future even at 58."

And he should be, because as long as there are companies hiring, there are positions waiting to be filled.

More than a dozen businesses participated in the job fair.

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