Pemco Property Update

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Airport director Art Morris says there are still many details that need to be resolved, but they are in negotiations with different companies, to try and fill Pemco's empty space.

It’s been a little more than nine months since Pemco shut its doors.
This news took a big toll on those employees who lost their jobs, and the airport has suffered as well.

“Pemco represented a large portion of our revenue stream here and without that it’s very difficult to pay all the bills.” Airport director Art Morris said.

Morris says the airport doesn't use tax payers' dollars to operate.
Their income is generated from income brought in by companies like Pemco, who pay rent.
And after months of waiting for the space to be filled, a local organization stepped into help the airport financially

“We did receive a grant from the wiregrass foundation, a very generous grant that would be enough to carry us through this year if we are not able to get a tenant to replace Pemco.” Morris said.

But Morris says things are looking up.
And he hopes to find a replacement for Pemco before money from that grant runs out.

"We are very diligently working on that and we've been negotiating with companies. We feel like progress is being made and hopefully soon we'll work toward an announcement.” Morris said.

An announcement Morris knows will make previous Pemco employees happy

“I know there were a lot of families that were dependent on those jobs over there and we are working just as hard as we can to get someone in and bring jobs back so those people can go back to work because that’s really our number one priority.” Morris said.

Morris has stayed in contact with many of Pemco's previous employees, so he can update them on any new information.

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