Pecan Prices Are Still Up

It's getting to be the end of pecan season...but that doesn't mean prices are dropping.
In fact, pecan buyers say they have been extremely busy...and haven’t seen a slow down in a couple weeks.

"I started my business in 2006 and this is the best year I’ve ever had." Richter Pecan Owner Frank Richter said.

That's because more people are selling pecans because of the high prices.

"You can have years where pecans are sixty to seventy cents a pound and this year pecans have been one twenty one twenty five up to one fifty." Shute Pecan operation manager Sandi Hodge said.

Hodge says at the beginning of 2011 the prices were even higher...
They've lowered a bit....but have leveled off.

Business owners say people are bringing in pounds and pound of pecans because the price is still a little over a dollar and as you can see behind me these bags are filled with fourteen to fifteen hundred pounds of pecans.

"I think when the prices are lower, people are not as willing to get out there in the cold and the wind and pick them up. But this year everybody was willing to go out and pick them up." Hodge said.

Wiregrass residents say…the high prices have really helped out during the holidays, too

"I probably made three hundred dollars off of them, pecans for Christmas and all it helped me come through." Headland Resident Robert Chudzik said.

Chudzik says gathering the pecans to take to a buyer can be exhausting...but he's found a way that works for him.

"A lot of people throw sticks in the trees but i have a rope and a ball and i throw a rope ball up in the tree and tie a rope around the limb and shake the limb...if not i just wait until a windy day and pick them up off the ground...its hard to shake them out." Chudzik said.

Richter says it may be too early to tell what the crop will look like for next year...but he's hoping 2012 will be just as successful.

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