Peanut Shelling in Southwest Georgia Kicks off This Week

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Tis' the season for peanuts.

"We just started the crop for the new season and so far everything is working out as planned," Shell Operator Le’mon Ceasor said.

But the season was later than usual.

"Our production is down 35% from last year, due to acreage and yields reduction from last year," Chief Operations Officer Mitchell Burke said.

"It was one of the wettest summer's we've ever had so the harvest was delayed 30 days but we're pretty much on schedule as far as shelling goes," Chief Quality Officer Scott Miller said.

The American Peanut Growers Group in Donalsonville is celebrating their ten year anniversary this holiday season.

"We're owned by 86 peanut farmers, we're 100% owned by those peanut farmers and we pride ourselves on our quality," Burke said.

The company sells its growers raw, shelled peanuts to manufacturers and the growers keep the profits.

The shelled peanuts travel cross country and around the world, eventually landing on your grocery store shelf or in your favorite box of chocolates.

"I love peanut butter. Most of our business is peanut butter but we sell to some of the major candy manufacturers as well," Miller said.

Although Wednesday was the first day of their holiday shelling season the plant expects to unwrap a high quality crop.

"The peanuts grown here in Southwest Georgia we believe are the best quality peanuts in the United States," Miller said.

Now they're ready for the rest of the U.S. to taste the proof.