Peanut Proud Festival to Return for 3 Years

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06/20/13 It looks like the city will be spreading the fun around for another three years.
During a town hall meeting today, officials and community members committed to keep the "Peanut Proud" festival in Blakely for at least the next three years.

The community event combines live entertainment, a 5-k run, a parade and more.
The planning committee has already started lining up the event schedule for next year's festival. And they're seeking input.

Co-director Mike Newberry says, “This has got to be a community effort for it to work. It can't be a few people who decide we're going to do this. It's going to have to be a community-wide supported, financially…. manpower, just everything the community has to offer to get behind this"

Next year's peanut proud festival will be its 6th ... And even though the peanut industry is shifting, event organizers say they are ready to shift with it.