Patient Care Connect Program Helps Cancer Patients

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The UAB Cancer Care Network received a $15 million grant..

The money way distributed 11 different ways, with the SAMC getting $3 million.

The money will be used over the next three years for their Patient Care Connect Program.

It is a free service for cancer patients 65 years or older with traditional medicare insurance.

The patient will get a health care professional, a navigator, to help guide them through the cancer process and treatment plan.

"A shoulder to cry on someone that can just be there with the doctor, a lot of times what we see them doing is going to physicians appointments with them patients and see them interacting with them and calling them checking up on them someone to socialize with them," said Melissa Lewis, nursing director for oncology services.

The SAMC has three navigators.

Each one has 55 patients they serve.

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