Parking Decals Now on Sale at Troy University

A look at a parking decal sold at Troy University, before the strip assigning the zone is added.
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Parking decals for the 2014-2015 academic year are now on sale at Troy University's Main Campus.

They're being sold at the Troy University Police. There have been a few changes with pricing.

Student decals are now 75 dollars for residents and commuters, and $100 for faculty and staff.

Veteran faculty and staff that have a named space will pay $150.

However, if you have a Troy University license plate on your car, that fee is waived, but you will still need a decal.

All decals are payable by cash or check only.

Most of the parking itself remains the same as last year, although the large lot by Sartain Hall is now a Commuter-Upperclassman zone.

Any parking decal purchased at Troy’s campus can also be used at Dothan's campus or vice-versa.

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