Parents Stampede at South Carolina School Sign-Up

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Greenville, South Carolina – It's all in the name of education.

Parents were racing to enroll students at A.J. Whittenberg, the district's only elementary school with engineering curriculum.

A competition that started with parents camping out, now growing more fierce by the year. The quest to get ahead sent one mother falling to the ground, then to the hospital.

The school district says it did not allow parents to start lining up until after school dismissed on Friday, hoping to alleviate the chaos.

People were told beforehand how to behave to hopefully avoid type of situation but there was jostling along driveway.

The high interest in one school is forcing administrators to re-think practices that have worked at 35 choice schools for decades.

The district is planning to start a focus group, made of parents from across the district to discuss lottery options and perhaps a central location.

The mother's injury wasn't serious, and her child did get a spot at the school.

The district says there were no other incidents as parents lined up at dozens of other schools.