Pardoned Turkeys Head to Washington

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It’s that time of year again, and while most families will be having turkey for their Thanksgiving Day dinner, there’s one Virginia raised bird that won’t be on the menu.

Two turkeys are heading to Washington D.C. for an annual holiday tradition, a pardon from the President.

The Rockingham County toms left Monday (11/19) for Washington where President Barack Obama will pardon one of the two on Wednesday (11/21).

Two birds are sent to the White House in the event one falls ill during its trip to Washington from Harrisonburg.

The birds were raised by Craig and Nancy Miller just outside Harrisonburg.

Craig Miller said the two toms each weighing 40 pounds were raised separately from the 43-thousand hens he tends under contract with Cargill Inc.

A motorcade will deliver the two birds and they'll spend two nights in the W Hotel before the annual White House ceremony.

They'll be retired at Mount Vernon.

The Miller family will join their birds in Washington.

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