Panhandle Residents Deal With Flooding Issues After Recent Rainfall

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All of the rain is gone leaving some panhandle residents dealing with flooding issues.

Jackson County Emergency Management officials expect the Chipola River to rise over 20 feet by Monday morning. A few residents in Malone have already seen the impacts from moderate flooding. Flooding in the panhandle has caused major issues for people and some say they would like a solution.

"Two weeks ago the water started back rising again so and it really hadn't rained that much. As you can see the water is coming off of the street, coming straight back here and I don't know what we can do about that probably have to get some engineers in here for that to figure that out," said Mervin Gibson, a resident who has been living on 13th street for the past 30 years.

Owners on 13th street in Malone are hoping for the state of Florida to buyout their property.

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