Ozark Woman Charged with Child Abuse

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Jacqueline Wilson, 35, of Ozark was arrested on November 19, 2012 on charges of child abuse. An unnamed juvenile was also arrested on the same charge stemming from the same crime.

A phone SD card was found laying on the ground and was turned over to law enforcement. On the SD card was the video of a teenager physically abusing a two-three year old child.

The video depicted the teenager shoving, physically picking up and throwing down the child, striking the child with a belt several times and appears to be choking the child.

It appears the child was intentionally taunted and then hit with a belt despite the child's pleas to stop.

While this was occurring, Wilson was seen in the video observing the abuse and appears to have walked away without stopping the abuse.
Initially, no one was known from the video but after investigating the matter all parties involved were identified and action taken.

Wilson was taken to the Dale County Jail and held pending her appearance before a judge on November 20, 2012.

In this case, the Dale County Sheriff's Office and the Dale County Department of Human Resources worked closely together to resolve identity of the family and children involved.

POC for this press release is Chief Investigator Harvey Mathis, (334) 432-1224.

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