Ozark School Employees Could See Pay Raise

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OZARK, AL-- Ozark school employees could be seeing a raise. Today, the school board met to discuss adjusting their pay scale.

Right now there are some employees who have not seen a raise in more than 10 years. But, this doesn’t apply to teachers because their salaries are set by the state.

Michael Lenhart, Ozark City Superintendent said, “We’ve accounted for the effects of inflation and hopefully as inflation increases, and it looks like it’s going to, their pay will keep pace with it…We are going to live within our budget, and we are living within our budget. But it is time to take care of the people that take care of our schools. And we just need to get this done.”

The board is looking at adding a 3 percent pay increase for employees after 9 years of work. That percentage would stretch over 18 years.

The board is expected to vote on this at their meeting next week.

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