Ozark Police Department Holds Open House at Training Facility

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OZARK -- The Ozark Police Department hosted several area law enforcement agencies, city officials and first responders for an open house at the Ozark Police Training Facility on Wednesday.

The new facility will offer training and networking for agencies not only in Southeast Alabama, but for the entire tri-state area.

New classrooms, SMART boards and an interrogation room are among the advancements at the facility.

Ozark Police Department Capt. Bobby Blankenship said the new facility offers training that can instantly help departments.

"I've seen tactics of officer change, I've seen officers become safer," Capt. Blankenship said. "You look for training in that one person where they actually catch on to an idea and you see that little light bulb go off."

Ozark Police said last year, 72 agencies from Florida, Georgia and Alabama came to Ozark for training.

The funding for the facility's renovations came from a weapons seizure fund. With that money, the department spent less than $25,000 on the changes.

The Ozark Police Training Facility is located behind the Flowers Center in Ozark.

If any department members would like to schedule training, or look at the already schedule training, they can call the Ozark Police Department or visit ozarkalabama.us and click on the Police Department tab.

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