Ozark Mayor Talks Goals for 2013

Ozark, AL - The holiday decorations have been taken down, and the calendar flipped. For many it's a new year with new goals.

"Have grace in God to be safe for my family and America," said Sakinah Williams, Ozark.

"2013 is going to be really good for us we hope," said Ozark Mayor Billy Blackwell.

It is certainly going to be a busy year for city leaders.

In March, the new Carroll High School will open.

Plus, by summer work should begin on a $1.2 million road project. A seventy year old bridge on Roy Parker Road will be replaced.

And, there's potential for grants to help complete the downtown revitalization project.

But Mayor Blackwell's top priority is Fort Rucker.

"Ensuring Fort Rucker retains the status that it has, retains the mission that it has and the numbers associated with that mission. That's what drives the economic engine here in Dale County and the Wiregrass area," said Blackwell.

The engine has been moving along thanks in part to The Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Corporation. It helped bring new business like Tractor Supply to the city.

He also hopes to improve the city's relationship with the Dale County Commission.

"We have come an awful long way in working together on projects. We want to solidify and strengthen that relationship because working together we can accomplish so so much. Life is all about relationships. So that's what we're going to work on this next year."

Blackwell said on his wish list for Ozark is more affordable housing. It is a need they are working to meet.

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