Ozark May Cut EMS Service to South Dale County

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The Ozark City Council has voted to cut emergency medical services for the southern part of Dale County.

"Pinckard provided a place for our ambulance so they have been there for right at about a year and a half now and we thought we ran our number based on the number of runs that have been done in the past and we were hoping we could break even and continue to provide service to the south end of the county that has not been the case the economics have not turned out like we thought they would," said Billy Blackwell, mayor of Ozark. "At this point our budget is so tight that we can not continue to provide the service to south Dale County."

"It's a financial thing that I really cant blame the city of Ozark or Ozark EMS for trying to negate that problem of losing money," said Lehman Irby, mayor of Newton.

Mayors from Newton, Midland City and Pinckard are working to keep the ambulance here to continue to serve the southern Dale County.

"We actually explored a lot of different options and I'm actually open to suggestions from other people," said Irby. "I have also spoken with some local volunteers who are EMS to maybe look into starting a rescue department of our own."

"We are still working on a solution for us to come together and provide some funds to provide those services and if we do we wil continue to provide the services," said Blackwell.

Dale County Chairman Mark Blankenship and the mayors of Midland City, Pinckard and Newton plan to meet next week to work on a solution.

Ozark officials say if they don't get some help, they'll stop serving southern Dale County on Nov. 1st.

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