Ozark City Schools School Board Elects Dr. Rick McInturf as Next Superintendent

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OZARK-- The five member board of Ozark City Schools voted unanimously to elect Dr. Rick McInturf as the next superintendent for the school system. The vote came during the Tuesday evening's school board meeting.

Dr. McInturf is the current associate superintendent.

The next step is for the board attorney to draw up a contract within the next seven to 10 days to present to Dr. McInturf.

If Dr. McInturf agrees and signs the contract, he will begin his new role when current Superintendent Michael Lenhart decides the day he will officially retire.

The Ozark City Schools school board said the three candidates were all strong contenders for the position, making the decision difficult.

They said they are pleased with the final outcome.

"We have continuity," Brent Hohback, school board member, said. "He gives us great continuity going forward with where the school system has come from, what our vision for the school system, what his vision for the school system is, meets with the board's vision. So, therefore, we thought he was the best candidate for the job."