Blackwell Field Airport in Ozark is Hoping to Reach New Heights

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OZARK -- Planes coming in on business to Ozark, as well as general aviation pilots, will soon have a place to kick back and relax between flights.

As part of a three year plan, a terminal, taxi way and landing space will be added to the Blackwell Field airport with an entrance just off of US 231 in Ozark.

When aviation leaders looked at what could be done to get more airport exposure, they found that pilot services needed attention.

City officials say the new addition will entice pilots and hopefully more business to come to the area.

"It will be a tremendous benefit to Ozark because it will give us a presence on 231. Right now people traveling 231 do not know that there's an airport in Ozark and we're, we are an aviation community,” said Mayor Billy Blackwell.

When completed, the new general aviation terminal will house bathrooms, conference rooms and a kitchen among other features for pilots.

The city has applied for both federal and state grants to nearly fund the whole project.

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