Owners of Gran's Home Relinquish License to Operate

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On February 6, the state forced the owners of Gran's Home to close their doors indefinitely after allegations of abuse surfaced.

A hearing was rescheduled from March to April 22, but that hearing has since been canceled after owners of Gran's Home, Shelly and Kenneth Harden, relinquished their license to operate the assisted living facility.

Gran’s Home was forced to close and family members were told to pick up the three residents immediately.

Although the Harden's have relinquished their license, they can eventually re-open an assisted living facility. All they have to do is re-apply for a license.

State law requires assisted living facility services to have a state-issued license before offering services.

Numerous calls have been placed to all numbers associated with Gran's Home and the Harden's - all of those numbers have been disconnected.

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