Over 1,200 Dressed as Santa Meet for Unique Christmas Celebration in Osaka, Japan

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People throughout Japan have held events for Christmas and the end of the year.

In Osaka, about 1,200 people, including children and their parents, dressed as Santa Claus and gathered in front of JR Osaka Station.

The participants lined up and wrote down their wishes on large strips of paper. At the shout of "Merry Christmas," they held up the papers, forming what looked like a large Christmas tree.

In Nagasaki Prefecture, people have set up a giant version of a pair of traditional pine New Year decorations called kadomatsu at a shrine in Unzen City.

A man living near the shrine said the giant kadomatsu astonishes him every year. He said he hopes people will succeed in carrying on the tradition.

The decorations will be on display until January 24th.

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