Osteopathic Students on the Rise

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The number of medical students graduating with a degree in osteopathic medicine is increasing.

Now, one in four graduates from medical school come from an osteopathic school.

In 1960, the rate was 4 percent.

The number of osteopathic schools has doubled in the last 35 years.
With one right here in the Wiregrass.

Doctors say most people can't tell the difference between doctors who have studied osteopathic medicine and ones who have not.

"I worked in emergency rooms for nearly 35 years with MD colleagues side by side doing there same job and treating the same patients and giving them the same standard of care," said Dr. Craig Lenz, D.O., dean of Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Within the next five years, doctors say there will be nearly 40,000 more osteopathic graduates.

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