Small Business, Big Opportunity in Dale County

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OZARK -- Some people have put countless hours into a small business they might manage out of their homes or garages. For those in Dale County that are looking to expand but may not have the finances to compensate, have an option in Dale County.

The Ozark Technology Center for Developing Industry offers offices and manufacturing spaces to small businesses at low rates. This allows them to cut down on the cost of rent and electricity. A traditional office at the technology center is priced around $150 per month.

The Ozark-Dale County Economic Development Director said it is a stress relief for businesses.

"It's got a little bit of everything for them to have a good foundation when they're in those first few years of their business," Executive Director Eric Basinger said.

The center offers occupants a permanent mailing address, janitorial services, bathrooms, a conference room and an employee lounge.

Businesses are welcome to occupy a space or office in the Ozark Technology Center for up to five years. The difference between the first year and the fifth year is the rate goes up. This way their rent is comparable with market rate and they are ready to graduate from the business incubator.

The Ozark Technology Center for Developing Industry is located on 231 and currently has space available.