Opening Weekend of Peanut Festival

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On Friday the National Peanut Festival opened its gates to the public, but some fear a struggling economy will hurt turnout.

The National Peanut Festival has been a tradition in the tri-state area for the past 68 years. However, hard times have fallen on many throughout the community which could affect the turnout. The festival's President, Ealey Brackin, says the fair prices are reasonable and it doesn't take a lot of money to have fun at the festival.

"We've had advanced ticket sales and people could save a little bit of money but ah yes the economy is down a little bit, ah we may be off compared to last year very little," said President of the National Peanut Festival for 2011, Ealey Brackin.

The economy did not seem to have much of an affect as lines started to form shortly after the gates opened.

"Whether it was for the food the rides or the entertainment crowds made their way to the national peanut festival."

"Well uh this is the second ride that we're on and the first one was one was pretty cool," said fair goer, Taylor Garritson.

Brooke Whitten lives in the Dothan area and is sharing this tradition with her two-year-old daughter for the first time.

"It's just a nice family you know you can just bring your family and have a great time I mean you don't have to worry about anyone you know bothering you or any type of violence or anything like that so it's a good and it's a nice tradition in the Dothan area," said Dothan residence, Brooke Whitten.

She says she was able to cut down on cost by purchasing tickets through her work ahead of time. There is something for everyone to do at the festival. There are animals, exhibits and games which are sure to bring the family together for some fun. Many of the attractions are free, making the fair, budget friendly.

There is a new ride at the fair that is becoming quite popular, and there is also a new horse show where a variety of horses will be doing tricks. Admission is just $7 for ages six and over and the festival will continue until November 13th.

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