One Breath Can Save A Life

Dr. Salam Abdo is a physician-educator who specializes in high fidelity human simulation training and has taught allied health and biology courses at Bainbridge College since 2007, mostly online. He is instrumental in providing online students with hands-on dissection experience.
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"No one expects to have to respond to an emergency, so its so important to have that preparation ahead of time, so you do know how to respond if an incident should occur, " says Susan Holmes, the Executive Director of the Wiregrass Red Cross.

With CPR training, you learn the steps you need to take, which could matter most.

"You are taught how to respond, in an emergency, how to identify if its a choking situation, whether the person is conscious, unconscious, we are going to teach you those very first important steps".

With summer activities in full swing, having your CPR certification can be a valuable asset especially around children.

"Kids especially being as unpredictable as they are, anybody being as unpredictable as anything is its important to be CPR certified because you never know what could happen and you always have to be prepared in any situation," says Alex Grafton, Life Guard at Water World.

"Now that school is out, kids are busy, families are traveling, there are so many outdoor activities around, people need to stop and think what would i do if," says Holmes.

Life guards and Red Cross Officials agree parents should also make time to get their certification.

"Its easily obtainable for them to get yes and its definitely worth it, even if you have a busy schedule," says Grafton.

"Red cross has online training where now in the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas, anytime day or night, you can go to red cross.Org and register for online training in CPR," says Holmes.

"Anything can happen, you never know with your child, it could be the difference between life and death," says Haley Carroll, ride attendant at Water World.

But if you are prepared, one breath cold last a lifetime.

Red Cross also says its important to stay up to date with your CPR certification, it only lats two years.

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