On-Air Blood Drive Kicks off Today

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DOTHAN, AL--One by one they're stopping in to bring joy to the holiday season...even jolly ole Santa.

"It's very important to build up our inventory right now, so that when we hit Christmas and people are so busy dealing with the holidays we don't run into an inventory problem," LifeSouth District Director Sharon Carpenter.

Decimber Ingram says she donates platelets every three weeks.

"I like helping people out that really needs the blood, babies adults."

Helping doesn't take long.

"Usually the process is between 30-45 minutes so if you come on your lunch break and you just have an hour, it's perfect timing," said Carpenter.

And Beverly Arnold agrees.

"I saw folks out by the road waving everyone in, so I had some extra time this morning and thought I'd stop in to donate."

Arnold says that extra time goes a long way.

"When they tell you every time you donate it saves 3 lives, it's an easy 30-45 minutes to save three lives."

If it's your first time and you're not sure and you need an extra push.

"Think about if it was a family member or friend of yours that needs blood," explained Carpenter.

They'll be taking blood until 6 p.m..
And once you're done, you get a free t-shirt, a cholesterol screening and you can enter for a chance to win several raffles including an Ipad.

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