Oldest Woman in Blakely

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Fannie Thornton was born in 1904. Sunday was her 109th birthday.

She's survived the world wars, witnessed the roaring 20's, and has first-hand stories of the largest stock market crash in American history.

Thornton moved to Early County at a young age and lived there for over 60 years. The prodigy came from a big family, but made an even bigger one.

Debra Hall, one of her granddaughters, said "She has 9 children, 16 grandchildren and a host of nephews and nieces.”

Five generations filled the room in celebration. Lifelong friends of Thornton also came for support. They made “love deposits” in thanks for all she's done.

“We love you all. We are one big happy family. That keeps us strong and keeps her going,” thanked Hall.

The birthday girl laughed and beamed at her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren, and her great great grandchildren.

She’s a woman they remembered on a birthday she will never forget. Fannie Thornton is the oldest living person in Blakely, Georgia.

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