Old Airport Terminal To Be Torn Down

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The tennis courts at Westgate are expanding but at the price of history.

"We got a grant from the USTA to build a tennis center. That grant put a requirement on this whole entire area that will used for further expansion on the tennis court therefore it cant really be used for anything else," said Hamp Baxley, Dothan City Commission District 6.

Which means the old airport terminal building will have to been torn down.

"There is no question that this building has history and no one likes to get rid of history now if it was something that we could historical do something with it and make it to something that could memorialize air travel or something we could probably do that," said Baxley.

But although the physical building will be gone there is one way it is being preserved.

"That's the only way to preserve memories is through photographs," said photo collector Frank Gaines.

Although one of the original walls is still in tact there is not much more that.

This building is locked and boarded up and officials say it is time to get rid of this eye sore they say the building has run its course.

"The bones are still there but it has a lot of extra things added to it it would be cost prohibitive to do anything to the building," said Baxley.

City leaders say this demolition is a positive step for Westgate Park.

It is set to be removed some time this summer.

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