Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office Trains with New Tasers

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The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) began training some members of the Special Response Team and Drug Task Force on the use of new tasers acquired to replace older, outdated models.

The new tasers offer many new officer safety advantages, including the ability to fire two cartridges back to back without having to reload, as you had to do with the old tasers. This in turn allows a deputy to control multiple suspects either independently or simultaneously.

The new tasers have enhanced sight pictures so you can better see where the probes will impact, and you can touch taze an individual without having to first stop and remove the cartridge. In addition, the new models are easier to repair.

The OCSO will eventually replace all older tasers as needed. Every deputy who carries a taser has to be tazed themselves during training so they have a full understanding of the device’s affects and impacts.

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