Okaloosa County Investigator of the Year

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An Investigator with a “driven sense of justice” has been named the 2012 Investigator of the Year for the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. Investigator Nesli Suhi-Moore was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division’s Economic Crimes Unit in 2012, serving as a liaison between the agency and numerous banking institutions. She also assisted in creating a checklist for victims of the recent computer hacking/identity theft case at Northwest Florida State College in an effort to help those affected protect themselves from additional victimization.
Suhi-Moore’s enthusiasm, hard work, and compassion also came into play during her investigation into several cold cases, including the 1985 murder of Donald Tidwell. She re-submitted evidence to the FDLE lab and garnered new results which turned up a possible suspect. Investigator Suhi-Moore was able to locate the suspect and obtain his DNA which led to a positive identification.
As a result of her work, a grand jury heard the case in July 2012 and returned an indictment which led to the suspect being arrested and transferred back to Okaloosa County on a murder charge.
Investigator Suhi-Moore stated her drive in this case was “to provide closure to the victim’s father, who is 92 years old”.

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