Okaloosa County HERO Award

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Public Works employees Floyd Spence and Randy Broxson, were awarded the HERO award at the December 4 Okaloosa County Commission Meeting for their assistance following a two-car incident on May 11. The Humanitarian Efforts Recognized by Okaloosa County (HERO) award recognizes employees who not only go beyond the scope of what his or her job entails, but has done something of a humanitarian or heroic nature.

Spence and Broxson, despite their own physical safety, took turns directing traffic around the car accident and assisted the uninjured driver of one car out of danger, while at the same time, took turns applying medical assistance to an injured mother and son. They provided moral support and first aid until both the police and ambulance arrived on the scene.

The HERO Award can include acts occurring outside work hours and submissions by people outside Okaloosa County staff. Above and Beyond forms are available online at www.okaloosafl.com or you may contact 311 Citizen Information Line for more information or to recognize an Okaloosa County employee.

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