Okaloosa Co. Cold Weather Shelters

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CRESTVIEW, FL - Okaloosa County will experience extremely cold temperatures Monday through Wednesday. Okaloosa County Public Works urges drivers to use extra caution while traversing roadways and on area bridges. Bridges can ice over before the adjacent roadways; this condition will develop most quickly on timber bridges due to the moisture already present in the wood timbers. Residents are encouraged to not run sprinklers onto roadways during this time; as doing so may present a locally icy hazard condition for drivers.

Additionally, all Okaloosa County Park restrooms are in the process of being closed, as a means of protecting the plumbing. The parks will remain open, but no restroom facilities will be available until temperatures rise above freezing.

The Okaloosa County Water and Sewer Department urges residents to leave one faucet in their home or business running at a bare trickle overnight. Although there are no guarantees, keeping the water running at a trickle keeps the water moving in the service line and may prevent the line from freezing and bursting. Additionally, outdoor pipes can be wrapped in blankets, etc. to keep pipes warmer in cold temperatures. Frozen water services lines sometimes burst and then a plumber must be called for repairs. For after-business-hour emergencies call (850) 651-7174.

Crestview Cold Weather Shelters will open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the following locations:

Crestview 1st Presbyterian, host Emanuel Baptist; 492 Ferdon Blvd. N.; (Hwy. 85 & 90,) 682-9416

Niceville Niceville Baptist Church opens at 5 p.m. and remain open until 8a.m. Tues.,678-5342

Crestview Community of Christ, 398 W. 1st Ave.; behind Whitehurst/Powell Funeral Home, 682-6219

Crestview Community of Christ, 398 W. 1st Ave.; 682-6219.

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