Ohio: Post Office Won't Pay Traffic Tickets

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The City of East Cleveland, Ohio's traffic camera ticketing company has billed the United States Postal Service for hundreds of dollars in traffic violations.

According to East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton, the USPS is refusing to shell out more than five hundred dollars in traffic violations including speeding in school zones and red light violations because the Postal Service has federal immunity.

Saturday (2/2), USPS's David Van Allen said that employees of the United States Postal Service are subject to obeying local traffic laws and ordinances just like any other citizen, and that the Postal Service cannot legally be billed for any traffic violation fines incurred by its employees.

Allen added that there is no legal mechanism for transference of liability from the Postal Service to an employee protected under collective bargaining agreements.

The City of East Cleveland's American Traffic Solutions fired back a lengthy response stating that by attempting to hide behind an immunity claim, Allen is aiding and abetting his drivers in their blatant disregard for traffic laws in East Cleveland, which have endangered other drivers, pedestrians and school children.

American Traffic Solutions says they will keep adding up the traffic fines, but the USPS will not be footing the bill anytime soon due to a glitch in the system.

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