Officials React to AL School Safety Report

Alabama is getting serious about school safety.

“It’s crazy everything that is happening. When you look at Sandy Hook, then you look at what happened in Dale County with the bus,” said Dothan City Superintendent Tim Wilder.

These acts of violence sparked discussions and lead to the development of a school safety report.

The report includes several bills that could enhance the safety at Alabama’s schools.

House Bill 105 would create a new crime for trespassing on school buses. House Bill 91 would require more “Code Red” drills. And House Bill 612 would authorize up to $50 million in bonds for the purchase of electronic security equipment.

School systems, like Houston County could really use that money to fund additional security cameras and electronic door locks.

“The pot is getting smaller and smaller. So anything the state and fed government could do to send money our way to make improvements could help us,” said Houston County School Technology coordinator, Bob Blaylock.

There are additional suggestions like focusing on mental health support services in schools and more funding for active shooter training for law enforcement.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said, “We’ve got two really top experts in the state within the Houston County Sheriff’s Office to do this training. Anything we can get on a mission like this, heaven forbid we ever have one, anything we can get will be an asset.”

These are all just recommendations. That’s what Dothan School Superintendent Tim Wilder likes best.

“Look at them very seriously and see which ones of these we are not doing and how it can benefit us and retool it so it can benefit Dothan City Schools. You can rest assured 100% of these we will be doing all or part of,” said Wilder.

So parents can rest easy, knowing leaders are keeping their child’s safety a priority.

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