Ozark's Angel House Hits a Road Block

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OZARK -- The Dale County Rescue Mission planned to open the Angel House during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday morning. Unfortunately, some zoning issues have delayed the unveiling of that house.

The Angel House is located at 484 N. Union Ave. in Ozark. Unfortunately, that is located in a zone strictly for single families.

Mayor Billy Blackwell said there are some steps they can take to open the Angel House in the future.

"I would encourage them to work with our building official here," Blackwell said. "If there is some way they can work this out, certainly there are locations in town for the Angel House."

Dale County Rescue Mission Charles Gann said they have a presentation ready to give to the Board of Zoning Adjustments, which they said will fully explain their intentions.

"I want to make sure that we're right with them. I don't want any ifs, ands, I just want it to be right," Gann said.

Mayor Blackwell said in order for the ministry to open at this current location, the area would need to be rezoned and the board would need to make an exception.

Both Mayor Blackwell and Gann know there is a need for a woman's ministry in Ozark.

"This Angel House is something that's really needed in our community," Blackwell said. "There's really not enough space's for women."

Gann said if and when the ministry opens, they will only allow women to sleep, eat and spend a little downtime. They must enroll in the program which will teach them necessary life skills to get them back on track. He said there will only be a few women there at a time.

Another purpose it will serve is for overnight guests. If a person or family's car breaks down near the area, that person or family can spend the night in a safe environment.