Nursing, A Career that Could Offer Many Opportunities

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This has been the case for the past few years.
Professors say the need for nurses could be due to many factors.

“I love learning how to take care of our patients.” Nursing student Natalie Glover said.

Natalie Glover is working toward her associate degree in nursing.

Just like Glover, other nursing students know how tough it can be to find a good job.

“I have a previous degree in biology so knowing how it is to go out there and having a hard time finding a job. “ Nursing student Steven Armstrong said.

Recent statistics show students like Glover and Armstrong won't have to worry anymore.
In fact there is a huge demand for registered nurses.
According to the u-s bureau of labor statistics, there are more nursing positions open, than there are nurses.
In terms of job growth, there will be more than seven-hundred thousand nursing openings by the year 2020.
That's a number students like to hear.

“I like knowing I can go out there and have a job that will be easy to get. “ Armstrong said.

“I love having that assurance I have a family, so knowing as soon as I get out, my daughter will be provided for, it’s very assuring it makes it all worthwhile.” Glover said/

Professors think this demand could be due to more people having access to health care, and the large amount of baby boomers.

“Nursing has progressively has gotten to be a very viable and very safe profession to be in and i believe that if we look at the impact of the baby boomers that will be increasing in the next few years, and just our population in general I feel like that’s a pretty good statistic.” Nursing instructor Dr. Kim York said.

Another issue? There aren't enough nursing teachers to instruct the large amount of students across the country.
But Glover says once you get in a program the feeling of accomplishment is already worth it.

“Nursing is a great field, it’s a very rewarding field as far as I can tell and I’m very excited about it.” Glover said.

And excited that statistics show she's got a pretty good chance of getting a job in her field.

Also by the year 2020, there will be about 500-thousand nurses retiring from the field, making that demand grow even more.

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