Notable Video Game Releases of the Week – 3/12/13: “Gods of War,” “Starcraft,” “Monster High”

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Battle amidst mythical gods, test your tactics in space or have a monstrous race in this week's notable video game releases.

FOR PLAYSTATION 3 - “God of War: Ascension” - Rated M, Sony Computer Entertainment – A prequel to the popular, sometimes controversial Sony action franchise, God of War has the player as Kratos as he seeks both freedom and revenge from the events he has gone through. For the first time in the franchise, God of War offers multiplayer for up to 8 people.

FOR PC - “Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm” - Rated T, Blizzard Entertainment – The first add-on the massively popular real-time strategy franchise is set for release this week. Part of a game series that has matches aired on television in countries such as Korea, Starcraft has you commanding units and bases in a space-based science-fiction universe. This add-on offers a new campaign, new units, and improvements to online multiplayer.

FOR NINTENDO 3DS – “Monster High Skulltimate Roller Maze” - Rated E, Majesco Games – Based on the popular toy-line, this game lets the player pick their favorite Monster High character and race through a variety of courses. The game offers multiple difficulty levels, and the ability to customize your character.

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