Notable Video Game Releases 2/4 to 2/10/2013 - “Brain Age,” “Sly Cooper,” “Dead Space”

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Train your brain, save your family through time, and survive in the future in the latest video game releases for the week of February 4th, 2013.

Here are some of the notable video game releases happening between February 4th and February 10th, 2013 in North America:

FOR NINTENDO 3DS - “Brain Age: Concentration Training” (Rated E, Nintendo) – It's a video game designed to be played only minutes a day to improve your mind. “Concentrating Training” is the latest in the popular “Brain Age” series from Nintendo. A new feature in this installment for are the “Devilish Training Exercises,” which change difficulty depending on how well the player is doing.

FOR PLAYSTATION 3 AND PS VITA - “Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time” (Rated E10, Sony) – The fourth installment of the Sly Cooper franchise and its first sequel since 2005, this game is the latest adventure of the master thief raccoon, Sly Cooper, as he tries to save his family through time. Owners of both the home console Playstation 3 and the handheld Vita can use the “Cross-Buy” feature: If you buy the Playstation 3 version, a free copy of the Vita version will be added to a user's account on the online Playstation Network.

FOR X-BOX 360, PC, AND PLAYSTATION 3 - “Dead Space 3” (Rated M, Electronic Arts) – This sequel is a third-person survival horror game set in the future. It follows protagonist Isaac Clark in his fight against the Necromorph. It features full cooperative multiplayer in addition to a single-player campaign.

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