Notable Home Video Releases for 2/5/13: “Peter Pan,” “Animaniacs,” “Flight”

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A Disney classic, an airborne drama and the final release of a beloved 90s classic highlight some of the home video releases for February 5th.

Here are some of the notable home video releases in the United States (Region 1) for February the 5th, 2013:

“Peter Pan: Diamond Edition” (Rated G, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment) – The 1953 animated version of “Peter Pan” escapes from the Disney Vault for Blu-Ray and DVD. Along with high-definition video and surround sound, the 3-Disc Diamond Edition on Blu-Ray features several extra features, including audio commentary and deleted scenes.

“Animaniacs: Volume 4” (Warner Brothers Home Video) – After a long wait following the first three volumes, the final release of this beloved 1990s animated series sees a DVD release. The release features popular installments of the cartoon such as “The Macademia Nut” and “Bully for Slappy.”

“Flight” (Rated R, Paramount) – This drama starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Greenwood focuses on a pilot who lands an endangered plane, but becomes questioned after his actions. It will be released on both Blu-Ray and DVD.

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