Northview High School Hosts Summit For SGA

You're looking at the future leaders of the Wiregrass.

"It gives us an opportunity to talk with one another and socialize with one another and to come up with a sum of ideas that we can take back to our own respective schools."

"We have the CEO of different businesses, judge, mayor, we just have so many people that we can learn from, because look at where they are right now, this is where we want to be and higher."

The Northview High School Student Government Association had the first of what they hope to be many more president summits.

SGA members from schools across the Wiregrass got the chance to mingle with each other as well as a panel of leaders they aspire to be like.

"A lot of times people try to dumb themselves down to fit in, to get along and i think when they get around people who are positive, who have the same morals, values and goals that they do, it can be invaluable for them."

"I felt that this was a thing that we could go towards making our community better and our schools."

"I very much admire Northview, the students at Northview who got this together because this is a way, they recognize that nothing is ever going to happen unless all the students around Dothan get together and actually say, what are we going to do."

And Wilborn says getting things done is a team effort.

"It's more than just setting the example, it's more than just the conference centered around the speakers, it's all about networking because as a leader, you need to know how to network, not just for personal self but for the organization because when you know how to get things done, and who to speak with, that can help age your organization not just you."

Officials and students agreed these meetings of the minds are necessary.

"Our children are only 30 percent of our population but they're 100 percent of our future and we have to do everything we can to support them."

The panel of speakers also included Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz and Houston County Commissioner Curtis Harvey.

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