No School Uniforms For Henry County Next Year

Henry County Schools will not have school uniforms next school year.

“We complied those surveys and we found out that there just wasn’t enough interest.”

The school system put a survey online asking the community about school uniforms.

“We only had about 700 surveys completed and there is a little over 2600 students.”

The survey was geared toward adults, but students at Headland Middle School were able to voice their opinion through essays.

Many thought uniforms wouldn't allow them to be an individual.

“I don’t really think we should have school uniforms because I believe it doesn’t show your personality really well.”

“I love to express myself and my clothing so.”

Some say money is also a factor.

“I don’t like the idea of school uniforms because not all families can afford the over priced uniforms.”

But not everyone was against the new dress code.

“I am for the idea of school uniforms because I think it would decrease bullying and people wouldn’t be judged on how they look or how they wore their clothes because that’s a big problem now.”

But despite what students felt the decision came down to the parents.

There just wasn't enough commitment from parents.

The superintendent says although there will not be school uniforms next year a stricter dress code will be enforced.