No Boys Allowed: A Special Summer Camp for Girls

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This may look like your average summer camp, but look again, Girls Inc. is more than occupying children during the summer months.

"Girls Inc is awesome because, it's a program where they teach girls how to be strong, smart, and bold," says Girls, inc. student Shaquoria Marsh.

And being smart is what these young girls strive for during the summer.
The list of what they are learning gets them prepared to walk into a classroom.

"We're learning math, we're learning our time tables, we're learning division. Our teachers are trying to get us ready for the next grade," says Girls Inc. student Aniyah Dent.

"Math, reading, how to say letters without talking, " says Girls Inc. student Taylor Stevens.

Whether it’s sign language, learning the phases of the moon, precipitation. or learning about the heart,

Girls Inc. is a hands on program, funded by a grant that has teamed up with elementary education students from the Troy University Dothan campus, giving unconventional lessons twice a week.

"They chose us and wanted to work with our girls because, they felt as though they needed some students to work with, and that they could provide the services, to our girls, and our girls could enjoy the benefitting from them, even during the summer," says Sylvia McCall, Program Director of Girls Inc.

"They come and plan interactive lessons, they learn how to have classroom management, how to plan lessons that are engaging, work with the standard, work with girls who may need extra help," says Dr. Bertha Roberts, Program Chair, Elementary Education Program, Troy University Dothan.

It's a program that benefits everyone involved and inspires these girls at the same time.

"It's very nice that they're taking out there time, to from their school to come and teach us, about what they've learned, so whenever we grow up we can be more inspirational like them," says Girls inc. student Aniyah Dent.

Girls Inc. and the program with Troy University aims, to peek the girls interest in careers such as math and science.
They also encourage them to pursue a college education.

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