Nick Saban's $10.95 Million Dollar Investment Property is Sold

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You might remember that small, 10 point 95 million dollar investment property of nick saban's that's been up for sale . Well it's going, going...gone. And now officially belong's to its highest bidder.

The keys to the 9,600 square foot lake estate is now in the hands of a pretty excited family, who won it over seven other bidders in a silent auction last week.

The new owner is not disclosed nor is the amount it sold for.

But reports say it's the highest sale price in the area in recent memory.

According to concierge auctions, the house was visited over 31,000 times, by people from 49 states and 49 different countries.

And if owning a mansion isn't good enough, Saban also threw in crimson tide football tickets, sideline passes and an office tour.

All of the proceeds raised from the ticket package goes to saban's nick's kids charity.

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