Next Step for Alabama Trooper Shooting in Geneva County

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GENEVA -- After Saturday's shooting involving an Alabama State Trooper, District Attorney Kirke Adams is discussing the next step with Florida prosecutors

Adams said that typically the suspects would be charged in Geneva county for the crimes they committed in Geneva county, and charged in Florida for the crimes they committed in Washington County.

Adams said sometimes it takes an emergency situation to remind the community that officers put their lives on the line daily.

“Unfortunately it takes something like a state trooper getting shot for the public to kind of remember how dangerous their job is," Adams said. "Everything from a casual encounter on the street to a traffic stop to a swat team participation.”

Alabama State Trooper Officer Lee Marcel Phillips was shot by two suspects police identified as 21-year-old Dillon Rafsky and 23-year-old Zachary Wood.

They are each charged with attempted murder.

Their bonds were set at $750,000 each.