News 4's Interview with Ethan's Brother

Ethan, the five-year-old kidnapped and held in a bunker for several days, in a photo provided to CBS News by his family.
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News 4 Anchor Tessa Darlington talked with the brother of the little boy who was held hostage in a Midland City bunker.

Camren Kirkland had a lot to say about his little brother, Ethan. The 22-year-old said Ethan is doing well and acting like a typical six-year-old. He also walked Tessa through the moments when he found out about the hostage situation and when he found out Ethan was rescued. Below are some of his answers to her questions.

-How is Ethan doing?
Ethan is doing really well. He's just a bundle of joy, all smiles and everything. He hasn't said anything at all whatsoever to me about it (being in the bunker).

-How is your mother and family handling everything?
She's doing OK. We're doing good, we're pretty much going day by day right now. It's a little hectic at times but overall we're doing OK.

-How did you all celebrate Ethan's sixth birthday Wednesday?
That was just with the immediate family, that way we could see him. The officers and all they did come over to see him. The presents were exchanged. We tried to get him to eat cake, it didn't work, he went straight to the toys.

-What would you like to say to Charles Poland's family? (Poland was the bus driver who was shot and killed by Jimmy Lee Dykes. Ethan was on Poland's school bus).
That the man, Mr. Poland, he was a very brave man. He gave his life protecting those children, and I would like to say thank you.

-Tell me about the day you found out Ethan was being held hostage.
I got a phone call from an individual, and they told me what the situation was and that I needed to get to Midland City as soon as I could. I did not know it was my brother at the exact time I got that phone call. I see my mom, I see part of the family that had already gotten there. We all huddled up really. She just said 'hey buddy,' and I just said 'I'm here, it's going to be OK.

- How did you all make it through that week with Ethan in the bunker?
What really put us at ease at night was knowing he was asleep. We would get the text saying he was asleep, that's what put us at ease, and that's why I was able to put my head down at night.

-Tell me about the moment you found out Ethan was rescued.
They called us in the room, they said we have good news. We have Ethan. It took a few minutes for it to actually sink in. But you realize quickly that she wasn't kidding. It was a while before we did get to see him because they had to check him out, the doctors. Eventually in pairs we got to see him. I was relieved and it filled my heart with joy right there.

-Who else would you like to thank for support?
I would like to thank the local law enforcement and all the churches that donated their time and food to our family. I would also really, really like to give my appreciation to the Angel House. They were the biggest support for our family and they actually helped us more than anything, and I would like to thank a woman named Shelley who works there. She has been the biggest part, and I would like to personally thank my job, the Piggly Wiggly.

-What can you tell people about the donations made to Ethan?
Any donations are going strictly to him, and it would help better him in the future. It would actually be very supportive to his needs and his wants

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