Wiregrass Man Witnesses Boston Marathon Explosions

Our hearts are breaking for the dozens injured in the Boston Marathon explosions and for the families who have lost those they love.

Minutes before explosives rocked the northeast and the nation, a man from the Wiregrass was crossing the marathon finish line.

The man you see in the middle of this picture in the red shirt and orange hat. that's John Twitty from Andalusia. His daughter took this picture as he ran the 16th mile of the Boston Marathon Monday.

John took this picture on his own. He was moments from crossing the marathon's finish line. He did it just in time. Minutes later this scene would take a much more heart wrenching look.

"We all heard this huge heavy large canon type blast or what reminded me of a pirate ship down by the beach where you hear this huge compression sound.Immediately those around me turned around and saw this heavy white smoke that you've seen on tv by now."

The moments after the two explosions were chaos for hundreds of runners, their families. John realized he still had his phone and hurried to call his family to let them know he was ok. They had a lot of questions.John had at least one answer.

"Honestly, the first time I saw that smoke and heard the sound of it I knew something evil had happened."

John was really looking forward to the Boston Marathon. this was the first time he had qualified. now the many pictures he took on his run are overshadowed by images of smoke, tears and panic. He heads back to Andalusia Tuesday.But his heart will stay in Boston.

"The main thing for me, I was really looking into the eyes of all of those people because I was trying to figure out were any of those my children or my wife."

This is not the first time John Twitty has been near a national tragedy.
he was in Arlington, Virginia during 9-11. He says today's events felt eerily similar.

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