News 4's Brandon Rook Sits in a Hot Car

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On average, nearly 40 children die in cars every year from heat-related deaths.

News 4's Brandon rook sat in a hot truck this afternoon with temperatures reaching higher than 100 degrees. Hooked up to a EKG system, in just over ten minutes his heart rate increased to over 100 beats per minute. Fortunately, he passed the 10 minute test, but others like children, the elderly and animals sometimes don't make it.

"Well as the body heats up, we have natural mechanisms to help cool us, number one is sweating. Another thing that happens typically is your heart rate starts to go up. Your respiratory rate or breathing rate changes. It usually speeds up and that's your bodies attempt to one bring in cooler air to cool your body off and keep your temperature down," said Jason Trammell, an EMT with the Pilcher's Ambulance Service.

68 percent of heatstroke deaths in cars occur between June and August. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says even cracking a window open and parking in the shade aren't sufficient safeguards.

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