New Year's DUI Patrols

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Brandon Pope is planning on ringing in the New Year, but not behind the wheel.

We're headed to Destin for the night. Once we get down there, we're going to park and take taxis everywhere else,” he said.

Pope knows a taxi or by foot is the best way.

Alabama State Trooper Kevin Cook says you don't want to learn that the hard way.

”If you do pull up to one of our check points and you do happen to be drinking and we smell it, we will take you to jail," Cook said. "We have zero tolerance on DUI’s."

Zero tolerance because of sobering statistics.

According to AAA, 122 people were killed in crashes on New Year’s Day last year.

More than half of those crashes involved a drunk driver.

Trooper Cook says the checkpoints are quick if you've been following the rules.

”You’re going to be required to produce license, registration and current proof of insurance,” Trooper Cook added.

Pope says he thinks twice before getting annoyed with the extra stop. “It’s unsafe to drink and drive. You cost lives as well as your own.”

Lives you could spare if you think before you drink.

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