New Year, New Principal

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Running a school as a principal is not an easy job but after six years of being Assistant Principal, Bobby Boyd says it's a career he feels prepared for.

"Nervous, excited, challenge," three words Rehobeth High School's new Principal Bobby Boyd is using to describe his new position.

"The old saying if its not broke don't fix it and i think we have that here. I don't think there should be a whole lot of change, we should keep on going like we're going".

Boyd is an Alabama native who believes his career has led up to this very moment.

"I've been doing this for 22 years and this has all culminated into this job so I've been kind of working towards this my whole career. One of my goals is to continue going in the right route that we're going. We're going to start a new college and career ready standards program. Being accountable is going to be apart of our goals".

The faculty and staff is glad to have Boyd on board.

"I think its a wonderful idea and i know he will do a great job and he is a very loveable person and everybody likes him. He's been here a while and he knows the job and i think he'll do a great job here at our school, " says Custodial worker Jacqueline "Ms. Jackie" Ward.

"We have great staff, great students, and an excellent support staff, so being a first year principal, i could not ask for a better position," says Boyd.

Boyd says Rehobeth High's previous principal Matt Swan has taken on another position in the central office.

Rehobeth High school Students are set to go back to school on August 19th.

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