New Year, New Changes for Dale County Courthouse

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OZARK -- Security issues, lighting and bathrooms meeting ADA regulations are among the updates to which employees and visitors at the Dale County Courthouse can look forward.

Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship said the courthouse will be completed with LED lighting, new bathrooms and a heating and cooling control system in each office.

"One group freezes, one group's burning up," Chairman Blankenship said. "They way, everyone will have independent controls throughout the courthouse."

Another big change is entrance into the courthouse. Currently, there are four doors, one that is not an entrance, leading in and out of the courthouse. Unfortunately, a security officer is only seated at one door. After the renovations, there will be only one entrance into the courthouse and security bars for emergency exit on the other doors.

Blankenship said this will not cost the county anything. They are taking out a bond issue that they expect to pay back quickly. It currently costs the county around $90,000 a year to keep the building running with all of its current issues.

It will cost around three million dollars for necessary repairs to the building. This is much less than the 20 million the county could expect to pay for a brand new courthouse.

The county is accepting bids now from local contractors to make the necessary renovations. Dothan's Bradley & Schmidt Architecture, PLLC ready to work on the doors and windows as soon as the weather warms up.