New Year Brings New Minimum Wage Rates for 10 States

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Hundreds of thousands of minimum-wage workers in 10 states will see a pay boost in the new year.

According to the non-profit advocacy group the National Employment Law Project, Rhode Island workers will see the biggest paycheck increases-- an average of 510 dollars a year for the average worker.

It comes after the state raised its minimum wage to seven dollars and 75 cents.

The group says workers in nine other states, including Colorado, Florida and Ohio, will see the minimum wage will jump between 10 and 15 cents an hour.

All in all, an estimated 855-thousand workers will be affected by the changes.

States must pay at least the same as the federal minimum wage, which has been set at seven-dollars and 25 cents an hour since 2009.
In 2013, 19 states and the District of Columbia will have rates above the federal level.

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