New Water Line for Piney Grove

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Washing your dishes, taking a warm shower, cooking and drinking- it's easy to take the water we use for granted.
When drought struck piney grove last summer and many were left with no water, they felt the panic of drought.

Edsel Bonds remembers. "People couldn't have water to eat, drink or take baths with and wash clothes and do else wise. Several of them had to go to town to wash clothes and get their basic needs met.," he says.

One of the people Edsel is talking about is his elderly mother-in-law who lives next door.

"It's really heartbreaking to see an elderly person go back and forth in advanced age like most of our citizens who don't have water," Bonds explains.

He knew something had to be done, and decided he would be the one to take action. Bonds, along with a handful of concerned neighbors, spent time and money out of their own pockets to get help.

Senator Harri Ann Smith says it was a praiseworthy project.

"They worked with their neighbors to explain to them about this project and they worked together to make it happen," says Senator Smith. "And they're to be commended."

At an award presentation Wednesday evening, Senator Smith praised the work being done in Piney Grove. With a $2.3 million dollar partnership grant from the USDA, the Coffee County Water Authority will run a direct line to the community so that the people of Piney Grove will have water for years to come.

"The nitty gritty starts out here in the field because it's not in the legislature. You have to get out here in the field and get it established before you can get the funds for it," says Bonds.

His neighbors and friends say that's just the kind of person he is.

"He's one of these people who's ready to help people, he don't want any recognition and he don't want nothing in return and that's what we need," says neighbor Coley Andress.

Bonds explains the key to moving forward with the project: "you gotta just work together, stick together, pray together to get the job done."

The job isn't done yet. Coffee County is looking for contractors to break ground on the water line now. The Coffee County Water Authority is ready to put out bids within the next two months or sooner. The project is expected to be completed before next summer.

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